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Food Tourism, also known as Culinary / Gastronomic Tourism, adventures involve learning about, appreciating or consuming food & drink that reflects the history, heritage and culture of a place.

 TIGA (Travel Industry Gastronomic Adventures) is an informative guide for the travel industry professionals to the countless gastronomic destinations around the world, as well as  highlighting each place own unique flavours, cultures, traditions and local specialities.

Food Tourism can take many different forms, it can be as simple as trying a new dish to visiting local markets, experiencing street foods, gourmet breaks,  attending food festivals & cooking classes,, touring wineries, bakery stops, breweries and food & drink factories.....providing holidaymakers with an opportunity to connect with the local culture through food. 





As food-focused travel keeps increasing, with people desiring the next trendy reservation and planning entire trips around discovering a culture through its food, there is also an explosion of plant-based food experiences.

In recent years, there has been a spike in restaurants across the globe adding creative and delicious plant-based food options to their menu to cater for the growing market. Today's tourists are interested in learning more about the story behind the food. Protecting nature is also important for many as well as socially responsible places to eat. 

TIGA is a hub of vital links to gastronomic destinations and adventures, highlighting the global food cultures and traditions. designed especially for the travel industry travel trade, meetings and events planners and the travel media in enticing their clients to explore the world "one dish at a time"  

TIGA is the ultimate informative culinary travel & tourism guide, as well as, a visually enticing, reference for the global travel industry.

Culinary Destinations

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Explore your gastronomic destination

This is your complete A-Z of holiday destinations and culinary tourism industry contacts. If you have a holiday location in mind, or wish to connect with a tourist board, travel agent or holiday company in that area, click through to find a business partner, holiday let, or travel industry connection.


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About TIGA? 

TIGA is unique in that we serve the global culinary tourism marketplace. As a contact information HUB for the travel industry, here in the UK & overseas, we bring together all food and drink travel related news, events, holidays, in one place to enable the Meetings & Events Planners, the Travel Media, and Travel Trade, including Travel Agencies and Tour Operators to access the latest information on gastronomic adventures. 

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Popular Culinary Travel Locations

Wine tasting event in California


The Golden State boasts a diverse range of culinary attractions. From the scenic vineyards of Northern California to the diverse range of restaurants and eateries in Los Angeles and San Francisco, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes and budget. TIGA as a global travel directory offers contacts and prospects for a range of people in the industry.

A woman eating paella by the sea


A country rich in history and culture, Spain offers a tapestry of culinary tourism experiences. From the iconic local paella dishes to the humble patatas bravas, there is so much to enjoy about Spanish cuisine. We highly recommend you try gazpacho soup - just don't ask for it hot! Either way, Spain captivates with its diverse landscapes and relaxed way of life.

A woman having a meal in dubai


A gleaming metropolis in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is synonymous with opulence and innovation. The cuisine and restaurants here are likewise opulent and associated with excellence. From the city's bustling souks, like the Gold Souk and Spice Souk, as well as the vast range of ingredients available at the Dubai Mall, the city seamlessly blends modern extravagance with glimpses of the past.

A woman sitting in a restaurant in mexico


Mexico's promises an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether you're sampling the vast selection of Mexico City or indulging in the freshest seafood ceviche by the sea, Mexico's food offers something to delight every guest. With TIGA as your trusted travel companion, you'll discover a myriad of culinary gems awaiting exploration.

A plate of Fish and Chips with a pint

United Kingdom

From the iconic fish and chips found along picturesque seaside towns to traditional afternoon teas, the culinary variety of the UK promises a delightful journey of flavours. Dive into the comforting warmth of hearty pub food, or venture into London to experience a melting pot of multicultural cuisines from around the world.

A woman eating a curry in New Dehli


From the vibrant spices of Thai street food to the delicate harmony of Japanese sushi, Asia offers an unmatched gastronomic adventure. Experience each regions unique traditions, whether in bustling night markets, dining at Michelin-starred restaurants, or indulging in humble street stalls, Asia's food scene caters to every taste and budget.


Food Tourism Destinations



A server carrying plates in a restaurant


Work In Culinary Travel

This is a great place to find travel work, and for businesses involved in tourism to post job advertisements. In this way tourist boards, hotels, cruise providers, and package holiday organisers can connect with prospective employees directly, and save recruiting via costly agencies. 

Food Tourism Recruitment